Friday, August 28, 2009

My Past Coming Back to Haunt Me

As you have probably noticed from previous blogs in High School (I am slightly embarrassed, yet proud at the same time) I was a TeenyBopper. I LOVED all things PoP

*N SYNC, Britney, Christina, The WB {which is now the CW} TRL and the list could go on and on. Music however was my mainstay and as I have mentioned before *N SYNC was my life and although I was an *N SYNC fan through and through, I also enjoyed the Backstreet Boys music I know to many *N SYNC fans this was treason but I could apprecaite good music when I heard it besides most of it was written by the same people that wrote *N SYNC's stuff sure as they grew as artists they began to write more of their own but the stuff that got you hooked was all written by the same people Max Martin being the only name I can think of off the top of my head.

My little monster and I were on the way home from the Home Depot and I was flipping through radio stations because my CD player is broken and I actually enjoy the radio. {Yes! I still listen to good old fashioned, regular, non-satilite radio with commercails and everything} Then much to my surprised and utter delight the DJ announced the next song was the new single from the Backstreet Boys forth coming October 6th release off their 7th studio album This Is Us. Straight Through the Heart (Soldier Down) is the single and its incredibly rabbitty for BB what is rabbity? Hip Hoppy ~ sometimes I crack myself up ~ Its a pretty good tune catchy and has a good beat.

I just checked out the music video on youtube and it won't let me post it here but click on the link and you too can enjoy a pretty interesting take on this song. And guess what they are DANCING!!! Back in full force and doing the synchronized pop lock stuff that made them so famous. Its insanely awesome! I'm giddy to tell you the truth. I hate to sound cliche but Backstreet Boys said it themselves so well... Backstreets Back ALRIGHT! he he he.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Oscar Kind of Day

Its been an incredibly long day. Why?
To start off with I didn't get to bed until way to late, my little monster was up and down three times, and then to top off an already cruddy night of seep I was rudely awakened two hours before my alarm was scheduled to go off because my upstairs neighbors apparently thought that I wanted to listen to garbage cans banging together in a steady clang clang bang sound.
Earplugs and pillows pressed over my ears did NOT stop the thumping.
I was seriously ready to march up there and strangle her but I did NOT want to sound like the grouchy old neighbor but after weeks of them STOMPING around and a few vacuuming after MIDNIGHT incidents I am afraid I'm going to have to say something.
I have already been up once to ask them to stop pounding things into the wall after 10pm because they had woken up my little monster I was furious. So how do I politely ask them to quite down without sounding like old Oscar up there?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Monday Snapshot

USU got back into swing today. I am a full time student this go around, I'm horrified. I don't start till tomorrow but I got ready but babysitting my neighbors daughter. We are trading children. I get his little girl Monday, Wednesday, Friday and he will take my little monster on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I'm back to school tomorrow. This is the first time in 4 years that I will actually be on campus... 4 years you say... shouldn't you have your degree by now... well truth be told I have been a senior for the last 4 years I haven't been going full time and the few classes I have been taking I have had to take a few times Math and I don't mix.

ANYWAY, the point of the pictures was to remind all to stop and notice the little things in life. How often do we stop to smell the roses or whatever flowers they might be and notice the little things. Like the bumble bees. I have been uber stressed (so much so I have gotten an ulcer) and I have to constantly remind myself to stop and take a moment to appreciate the little things.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Confessions of a Super Fan

If you know me at all you know that when I like something/someone I tend to go a little bit overboard. Some would label me with words like preoccupied, or maybe even obsessed but I prefer loyal, hopeless devoted, passionate things more along those lines... Why do I bring this up?

Well my little "obsessions" started a LONG time ago with good ole' Garth Brooks, I was six and I LOVED his cowboy boots, hat and music. I was going to marry him. I didn't care that he was 20 some odd years older than me I adored him. I cried when my dad told me that his show sold out in 10 minutes and I didn't get to go!

Then came *NSYNC... The *NSYNC portion of my life lasted from the summer before 9th Grade throughout the rest of high school... I spent way too much $$$ on para-FAN-illa on these guys. EVERY magazine I could get my hands on. 15 CD's and countless others things. Scary yes but i LOVE (d) them... Still do... I'm still hoping for a come back tour... so if any of the former members of *NSYNC read my blog PLEASE come back... I MISS YOU! Joshua Scott Chasez *sigh* he still makes me get all dreamy.

Keith Urban & Gerard Butler were next on the list and they kind of overlapped. Its those darned accents they get me EVERY time! Keith my favorite Aussie, got married (I don't know if I will EVER recover from that heartbreak) and Gerry hit the big time...he's a bonafied movie star now and I LOVED him back when he was Merrik but I do have to say he is just getting better with age.

Why all this talk of former men of my dreams? Have I mended my ways? Grown up and decided that now since I am quickly approaching my quart of a century mark I should put away the foolish musings of my past and grow up?

Fat Chance!

I do all of this reminiscing because after much consideration I have decided that it is time to another man to the list... Ladies and Gentleman

Alexander Skarsgard

To my Friends and Family : You have been warned.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Yell and Scream

To All my Loyal Readers (both of you)

I have had quite a week!

I don't even know where to begin.

Major changes have taken place in my life. And although they have been incredibly painful they are probably for the best. I HATE things hate fall into the category of making you a better person, its for the best and anything that ends up like that. Because most of the time they hurt like hell and you end up feeling as though the wind has been knocked out of you and all you want to do is cry. That is how my week has been. Feeling as though I have finally been able to get off of the out of control roller coaster my life has been but now I have the upset stomach and dizziness that is the consequence for choosing that ride in the first place. I hope that sometime soon I will be able to regain my balance.

In addition to getting off one roller coaster I apparently have jumped right onto another. School starts next week and I just found out TODAY that I get to continue on with my education and I HAVE to do well ... or else. I am SO close to finishing my degree that I can almost taste it but there are just a few classes that seem to be preventing me from making ANY progress at all. So the remainder of my week will be spent trying to figure out how I am going to manage a FULL time school schedule, part time Photographer/Blogger etc AND most importantly be a FULL time Mama!

If ANYONE has any magical answer to being able to find balance... please share it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Million Wishes

Its two o'clock in the morning and I can hardly hold my eyes open any longer but I wanted to just say how amazing, awe inspiring and just plan AWESOME the meteor shower was/is.
Tonight is the peak but I will be out tomorrow as well and probably for the rest of the week but tonight was special. It was the first time in the last 5 years I actually watched it alone. It was also the first time I didn't drive out the the outer edges of the valley to watch it on a dark road. I stood in front of my little apartment in my jammies and watched as the stars chased each other -in an eternal game of hide and seek- across the endless sky.
The vibrant yellows, blues and greens as the meteors scream through the atmosphere are some of the most electric and vibrant I have ever seen.
Nights like this staring up at the stars makes me think about how insignificant I seem to be in the whole grand scheme of things but this amazing light show also makes me think how GREAT our Creator must be for giving us such a glorious thing to watch.
That said I bid you all a fond good night and remind you all that if you see a Falling Star... Make a Wish.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Snapshot

Sorry I am getting this up late... okay so technically its now Tuesday but Monday has nearly killed me. -long story that no one wants to hear about-
This is one of my pet snakes, well one of the closest things I have to a pet snake. ~the other is the Beanie Baby Hissy the snake and he's coiled up around my rearview mirror in Ricky (my VW Passat) Anywhoo- This is rubber snake is in charge of keeping a watch out in my garden. Prior to him taking up residence in my tomato patch the birds were nibbling my poor plants down to little nubs. Once he and his cousin (a brown rubber snake that lives by my radishes) moved in my bird problem disappeard, I can't seem to get rid of the bugs though.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The First Weekend in August...

My Friend Tyler enjoying proof that there is a God and he does in fact love us.
Funnel Cake

The sweet smell of hay, fresh straw, and cattle
mixed with
the uber intoxicating aromas of
everything fried.
Corn Dogs, Scones, Oreos, Twinkies and FUNNEL CAKES!!
Add in the sounds of local want to be singers and
All the various farm animals noises,
a veritable cornucopia of Old MacDonald verses.

I always look forward to the first weekend in August.
The fair is always at the top of my favorite things to do in the summer,
right up there with watching the meteor shower.
(Which is going to be this coming Wednesday)

It was unseasonably cool this weekend.
Seriously our HIGH yesterday was 66 degrees! That's insane! But I bundled up (aka put a sweater on) my little monster and off we went to our third round of fair fun. Hey admission is free and getting to walk around make fun of silly animals and people watch is always fun!
I ran into people I haven't seen in YEARS
and some that I hope I won't seen for YEARS to come.

This is the LARGEST horse in the West...Jack.
Seriously he's 21 hands high, that's 6 foot 4 inches folks and that's just to his SHOULDER!
I have NEVER in my whole life seen an animal that size, well not one that didn't belong at the zoo I mean. This is just draft horse, but he is HUGE!

Not only does the livestock fascinate me but so do the very random displays
one of my very favorite is the barn that houses the city displays/mosaics made out of BEANS!

That's right folks this little work of art is comprised completely of beans and seeds.

Make sure you enter the DUCK derby.
You know you are just dying to win that mini dirt bike prize!

In addition to the wildlife there are the Carnival Rides.

Now keep in mind that ALL of these rides FOLD down

disassemble and fit on the back of semi trucks.

That in its own right kept me from even wanting to ride.
Okay well also the fact that I am CHICKEN
There was also no chance I was going to shell out $5
for a 3 minute ride on the rickety old Ferris Wheel
that since taking the picture is well on its way to the next town.

I am always sort of sad when the fair rolls around because its the beginning of the end of summer. Yet I look forward to it every year.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Can't Wait...

Image from Flicker
Its Monday Night... I can't wait to go to bed!

But that's no fun.
I Really Can't Wait for Friday Night.
It means my Math Class will be OVER!
To Play Along go Here

Blogs You LOVE

I am always on the lookout for a new blog.

Here are Three that I LOVE!
ClayMoore Photography
Brian and Cami Clay are the power-super-amazing couple that aspire to be like.
The two of them are my version of the "perfect marriage"
Behind the lens they are Magicians!

Secret Life of Tova Darling
This is a blog that I LOVE. I think Tova is hilarious and I always look forward to whatever she has to say.

Hello Owl
Danielle is a sweetheart and I adore her little owls.
I actually stole this clip from her blog. :0)

Now its your turn... Name 3 Blogs YOU love right now

Random Monday Snap Shot

I have been following this blog for quite sometime now and she has recently started to post random snapshots of things she's doing on Tuesday and I feel like stealing ideas from other people today *i'm giving credit* and I think it sounds like a fun thing to do with this blog except my snapshots are going to be on Monday :)

So Drumroll please:

This is Barry II -my first Teddy was named Barry named after "the FLASH"- he was attacked this morning by my little monster and had to take a spin in the washing machine, so here he is hanging out (pun intended) on my recipie hanger upper, over my stove. -No, this is not my sick twisted version of some past wrong, Barry II is the victim here, and since the recipie line was the closest thing I have to a clothes line it won the opportunity to let Barry II air dry.

Perhaps I should explain WHY he needed the bath.

My little monster woke up this morning and remained unusually quite. I had checked on her about five minutes prior to her announcement of her awakedness (I know its not a word but it works) she was still completely asleep and looking perfectly peaceful and angelic little did I know five mintues later I would find her LAUGHING sans diaper and completely COVERED in .... well lets just say it was a STINKY SMELLY NOXIOUS MESS.

She had it EVERYWHERE! All down her legs. In her hair! Smeared across her face! She PAINTED the crib and wall with it! She also covered poor Barry II up there. Hence the need for the bath.

That was my morning... How was yours?

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Have you ever had a day where you felt no matter how hard you try
you do is wrong?!
I have had that day.
Everyone I have tried to help today
everything I have tried to do or fix today
has blown up in my face.
I don't even know why suddenly
is my fault
seems to think that all the problems in the world
stem from
some action on my part.

From now on this is going to be my motto. Everyone else can just go eat rocks!

And how was your day?

It's Been a Long, Been a Long, Been A LONG Day.

Today started out like most other days. The baby woke up stinky and desperately needing a change. Me thinking I have to to stop feeding her whatever it is that makes her smell like this because seriously my house smells as if I am housing hazardous waste.

So I changed the little monster that holds my heart in her little claw and she was completely happy to run around terrorizing me and the kitten but laughing and screaming enjoying being out of bed with more energy than anyone deserves to have that early in the morning. So in following with our morning routine we got dressed and she had breakfast while I tried to keep her from spreading it all over the apartment.

I called up a friend and told her that we should take some pictures today, I promised her a photoshoot before she left and since her last day in the valley was today this was our chance. She explained she need some time to finish what she was doing and I thought great I can get started on my chores. I had a mountain of laundry to get done, literally. I also had the desire to rearrange the furniture in attempts to organize and de-clutter my bedroom. So in typical Auntie Em fashion I bit off a bit more than I could chew. I started the moutain of laundry, which involved rewashing the clothes that were in the washer -that I had washed the day before and yet since its the middle of summer started to smell funny and not funny ha ha- cleaning the bathroom, gathering all the dishes from around my apartment -mostly glasses from here or there- I also decided that it was time move my bed, and the recliner out of one room into another, move a bookcase and go through all of my little monsters clothes -do the pitch and toss, this fits, that doesn't-. I started all this while waiting for my friend to call to go take pictures.

She called just as I was in the process of moving the trunk that had been at the foot of my bed out of my room into the front room to use it as a coffee table, which is funny because I don't drink coffee but that's the best way to describe its purpose. So I dropped everything grabbed the little monster and headed to the photoshoot. We took pictures for the better part of an hour in the midday sun, which FYI is an AWFUL time to take photos. Then we went to lunch, ran my friend to the hospital to get an ultrasound and blood work done and then my friend needed to do laundry and offered to do my dishes in exchange of the use of my facilities, I of course jumped at the offer. So we stopped by her appartment grabbed her laundry and then trotted off to my disaster.

We somehow mangaged to get all the things on my list done and make dinner and give the little monster a bath and get her to bed. That was all done by about ten thirty and then we went up to her house to help her pack. We cleaned and cleaned and packed and packed.

I came home at one showered and now I'm finally getting to wind down. *sigh of relief*