Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Practical Applications

I am currently in Math for dummies AKA Math 1010.
I feel as though my education is going to be eternal due to math classes.
Seriously folks as embarrassing as this is to admit this is my 3rd time taking this course and I'm desperately trying to stay afloat.

I had my first exam today which I am glad to report is now OVER!
-I bet you thought I was going to say I passed with flying colors, piece of cake huh?-
(That is yet to be seen.)
After taking the exam I realized I desperately needed some extra time.
There is NO way I would be able to process 10 more chapters in two days.
I have the best professor in the world he has granted me an extension.
I have an extra week but still.
When other than for this class am I EVER going to need to know how to
solve and then graph
3x+6y> 11

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Small Town Snapshot

I read On the Front Porch regularly, I love it. Every Sunday Wendy does what she calls small town snapshot. I have decided to participate this week because I was able to experience a wonderful small town celebration today.

Newton, UT population 699 (as per the 2000 census) has a wonderful tradition of having a 24th of July celebration. For those of you that did not grow up in Utah or South-Eastern Idaho you probably do not know what the significance is. The 24th of July is the day back in 1847 that Brigham Young the then leader and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints entered the Salt Lake Valley.

Cheap food! Hot dogs, Hamburgers, sno cones! Oh my!
Oh ice cream bars for fifty cents!

It was all good fun, there was a volleyball tournament, a bounce house, rock wall. It was amazing to watch the hula hoop competition and then gunny sack races!

There was also a farmer competition ie. How far can you toss a hay bale (I'm NOT kidding) This day all culminated in a huge water fight.

I swear the whole town showed up for this celebration today. I was invited out by my sister and brother-in-law that currently reside out in the quaint small town.

Lazy Summer Afternoons

When was the last time you crawled around on a trampoline, or like myself crawled under it to snap this photo?
I forgot how much cooler life is, temperature wise, underneath the trampoline.
The grass under the trampoline is always greener and somehow softer.
The earthy smells of summer seem to intensify underneath the trampoline.
The laughter of children is louder and sounds happier too.
I hope that you all get the chance to play on top of, under and around a trampoline this summer. Its something you should do at LEAST once during the summer.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Challenge

I was reading a blog and came across this, it sounded like fun and I decided to give it a try and see what may happen.

The "rules" of this game are to commit to do the same. Post it to your blog and see what happens;) Good Luck! --

For the first five bloggers to leave a comment on this post and commit to do the same pay-it-forward on their blogs I will do the following and if you are one of the five this is what you will paste in your pay-it-forward post too :

I am willing to post overseas (I am in the U.S.), but remember you must commit on your blog to do the same for others.

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I send you. But you may be pleasantly surprised. It will definitely be made by me.
2. What I send will be made just for you, with love, by my own hands. You'd be surprised how much of our personalities does come through online.
3. I will complete all 5 gifts this year - 2009. (So I guess the offer expires at the end of this year.)
4. I will not give you any clue what it’s going to be. It will be something made in the real world, that you can touch,taste, or feel, and not something cyber.
5. I reserve the right to do something strange. It may be weird or beautiful. Or it may be monstrous and annoying. If you find it truly horrendous, just let me know. Perhaps you'll send it forward to someone who will absolutely love it.
6. In return, all you need to do is post this text on your blog and make 5 things for the first 5 to respond to your blog post (one for each).
7. Send your mailing address - after I contact you to confirm.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Hopes & Heartbreak

Its been a while since I have actually forked out the money and purchased an entire album but this one -which is only available on iTunes for the next week for $7.99- has got to be my favorite purchase of the year!
The much anticipated release of American Idol alum Brooke White was well worth the wait.
It begins with Radio, Radio a groovy tune about you guessed it, her Radio!
The albums moves through a variety of styles and moods from upbeat and happy, to the sad strums of heartbreak.
Its an enjoyable album start to finish with songs that will touch your heart in some way.
I give it an 11 out of 10!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Music & Lyrics

One of my passions... okay, okay Obsessions is music. I will listen to just about anything with a good beat or melody. Music is my release. The best way to just relax it turn on some good tunes and zone out. Lyrics can speak to a person, tell a story, and create a whole world, it can also change your world simple straight forward lyrics.

"You never stop loving somebody, you just start loving someone else." -Big & Rich
I heard this the other day and was completely blown away. Its true, you never stop loving those people that come into your lives you just start loving someone else.

"If you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans." - Van Zant
It seems any time I make plans or have my life going in the right direction, well if not the right direction the direction I chose things always get blown all to heck, and sometimes I wonder if God is just laughing.

"Someday I'll wish up on a star and wake up where the world is far behind me, where troubles melt like lemon drops." -Judy Garland
Don't you wish there was a place were your troubles could just melt away?

"And I thought I loved you then." - Brad Paisley
A story of looking back and realizing how much more you love a person that at the time you couldn't imagine loving anymore than the day you met them and then you realize, you love them even more.

"Life's a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead sometimes you follow, don't worry bout what you don't know" - John Michael Montgomery
That feeling you get when you are asked to dance and then you realized that you have no idea how to do it? Life is like that and this song lyric captures that and tells you just to go with it. Love it!

"And it might take a million miles till I forget your smile." Brooke White
Now this song rips your heart out and stops on it but its probably one of my all time favorites. I had someone that I loved more than I thought possible and it will take more than a million miles to forget his smile.

"Twas Grace that taught me how to fear and Grace my fears relieved." John Newton
No explanation needed.

All important people in my life have their own "theme music" okay, so its their ringtone but as soon as I hear the song I know exactly who it is. Listening to the Beach Boys reminds me of my parents surprising us when we were little with a trip to Disneyland. 70's music brings back hot summers with the jukebox on the back patio. If information is put to a tune I will remember it forever.

What does music do to you? What emotions do certain songs evoke? What music makes you stop to reminisce?