Sunday, September 25, 2011

Its All About Your Point of View

As I was washing bottles this morning I was thinking to myself, "Self, I really hate washing bottles and my pump. They are the bane of my existence. They smell bad, are annoying to clean, and the slimy breast milk film is just plain gross." 

"Well," my other more positive self said trying to show my other self reason, "Aren't you grateful that you get to wash these bottles? I mean, you're not washing out syringes for the NG tube anymore and you're little boy is eating lots and lots so you know he's healthy and growing. Besides, you are in your own home, washing your bottles and pump and you still have a baby that needs them."

"Alright," my grouchy -and might I add SICK- self said,"I get the picture. I need to be grateful thanks a lot annoying happy person that's trying to take over. Now go back to the closet under the stairs you are supposed to be locked up in." But as I continued scrubbing the dishes that annoyingly happy voice piped up again. 

"Aren't you so glad that you have these dishes to wash? It means your tummy was full, and you didn't prepare this meal, you're husband did. How nice of him was it to do that especially when you don't feel well. Not only that, but he's going to run and get you some orange juice AND Kleenex with LOTION in it!"

Where on earth did this happy trying to make a positive spin on thing come from? She's kind of annoying! Sometimes, especially when a person is not feeling good they need to feel grouchy, however this annoying happy sing song voice keeps popping in to spread sunshine and cheer. 

On a side note: Breathing is seriously underrated.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Twitter Me This

Hello Friends, Followers and those who have stumbled across me-

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So It Finally Happened, I'm Old

Every once in a while my wonderful husband reminds me just why I fell in love with him in the first place. (Awww!)

Friday afternoon I got a text from Mr.Chase that said something to the effect of "Pack a bag for us and a bag for the kids. The kids are going to you're sisters and we're leaving as soon as I get home"

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Not only had he planned something for just the two of us but he had made arrangements for the kids as well? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

So Mr. Chase got home told me I needed to wear something nice to dinner and that where we were going was a secret.

At one point he had me convinced we were heading to Flaming Gorge to go boating with his family. I was suspicious but excited I had tried once earlier in the summer to wakeboard and have been anxious to give it a go again. When we got to the turning point up the canyon - this way to Wyoming - this way to Park City, Chase headed right instead of left. Park City here we come!

He had it all planned dinner at the very swanky Silver restaurant -where one of his great friends from High School is a chef- a night stay in a lovely room with a KING SIZE BED and AIR CONDITIONING! Then the next day, the Alpine Slide, wandering through historic down town Park City and the shopping at the Outlets!

Walking into Silver my nerves were raw with excitement, I had never been to such a hip - which I realize is unhip to use - happening place before, Ryan Reynolds & Katie Holmes have been seen dinning here- the decor was very modern, alligator skin silver chairs, chains dripping down the wall in a waterfall of metallic shimmers. Mr. Chase was able to catch up with his friend while I dashed to the restroom, two full drinks on the ride up prevented me from sticking around to listen to their witty banter.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the sink, it was awesome!

I returned to the table as the boys were wrapping up their conversation and Tate went back to the kitchen, moments later an appetizer arrived from Tate. Meatballs ( see photo ) I thought they tasted like giant versions of spaghettio meatballs but fancier.  As soon as we had inhaled those ( did I mention we were starving?) Our waitress brought out Hummus (that was the creamiest smoothest most edible Hummus I have ever had the joy of consuming) with grilled pita bread. Awesome. Then our entree arrived. Mr. Chase ordered the Berkshire pork chop, that had spatezle and a mustardo sauce. I had ordered Kobe beef-it came with polenta sticks and roasted asparagus.  One bite of my steak and my world was turned upside down. I requested that it be cooked to medium, but it was a more rare than any meat I have ever had before in my life, and well seeing as it was Chase's friend that was in charge and you really shouldn't over cook Kobe beef, I suffered through it and honestly it was the BEST steak I have ever experienced. It was the most flavorful steak I have ever had the joy of eating.  Of course I shared with my dearly beloved (albeit begrudgingly) he thought it was incredible and he LOVED the blue cheese sauce that accompanied it, I thought it was the ripest blue cheese I had ever smelled but Chase really enjoyed it.

His pork chop was equally earth shattering.  I had to exercise all my will power to NOT chew on the bone when he was done. It was moist and full of insane deliciousness. The spatezle was full of apple wood smoked bacon that gave the whole thing a smokey essence.

Then there was dessert. Words cannot accurately portray the love I have for the dessert Mr.Chase. He was sweet enough to let me order the Cheesecake Souffle even though he has no desire to consume cheesecake. HOWEVER, he dived right into the pillowy Souffle  and ate just as much as I did!

Now I know I am a horrible blogger for not taking a photo of our room, but I was a little busy once I got there and a photo opt was NOT something I had in mind.  Meaning- I had to pump and that bed was calling my name, "Auntie Em, Auntie Em, you get to sleep through the night for the first time in 9 months! Auntie Em"  It was so big that Mr. Chase and I could spread out as much as we wanted and NOT EVEN TOUCH! And the fact that the room had glorious Air Conditioning! It was Heaven!  I did wake up once in the night to pump -grumble grumble-.

The next morning we got up slowly, and had breakfast at the hotel then headed off into the wild brisk (52 degrees) blue yonder. Up to Park City Mountain Resort to play on the ALPINE SLIDE let me tell you, if you ever have the chance to slide down a mountain on a sled, TAKE IT!

I will admit to being more than a little nervous about taking the ski lift up the mountain, I am not known for being very fond of heights *shivers* but once my feet were firmly on the ground again, I was good.

After our adventure we headed into downtown Park City to browse and window shop.  Every store we walked into I shoved my hands down deep in my pockets because I could hear my mother's voice loud and clear, "This is a hands in pockets store, we don't touch ANYTHING." I'm 27 years old and I'm still afraid to go into "Those" type of stores. As soon as I walked out of the first store we went into I called my mom to tell her how I felt and she laughed and laughed.

<---- The Egyptian Theater Very Popular during Sundance Film Festival.

We hit up the outlet stores and our kids made out like bandits. Mr. Chase 2.0 got a bunch of cute outfits and onesies, while Daisy got an adorable school uniformesque skirt and shirt. I got a cute t-shirt and a new pair of jeans, a whole size smaller than normal, and even they are little loose!  Mr. Chase got a couple of new t-shirts/polos. All in all it was a great break from our norm and a wonderful treat! It was the first time that we had been out overnight somewhere without our children and it was amazing! We figured out we actually like each other one on one!

My birthday was actually yesterday and we went to dinner (without the kids) and saw an AWFUL movie...WARNING: DO NOT SEE APOLO 18!  But all in all it was a pretty awesome way to celebrate turning 27, MUCH better than being taken to Subway. Mr. Chase promised to bigger and better for next year, not sure how he's going to top this but I'm looking forward to it!